A History of Visions

Like the community itself, Greenville’s citizens represent a variety of backgrounds and cultures, yet we all hope for a future where our children and grandchildren will enjoy a high quality of life, thriving arts scene, abundant educational opportunities, and high quality, diverse, well paying jobs.

Even though we come from many different walks of life, we are united by our common values and a vision for a great Greenville.

The hallmarks of Greenville’s ability to transform itself are creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Our community has been blessed with a history of visionary leadership and the ability to not only create the dream for the future, but also to make it happen.

Preserve What We Love: Create What We Need

In January 2003, a diverse group of Greenville County’s most influential leaders launched a comprehensive visioning process to update the Vision 2005 effort. A new visioning process, Vision 2025, was chaired by Dr. David Shi, President of Furman University, and Minor Mickel Shaw, one of Greenville’s most distinguished civic leaders, and facilitated by George Fletcher, Executive Director of New Carolina.

cover vision update 2010The resulting vision was the work of almost 1,000 people serving on 17 individual task forces, numerous interviews, meetings, and workshops. Vision 2025 dreamed what Greenville could be in the year 2025, and it is the most aggressive and creative thinking of Greenville’s future ever presented.

Vision 2025 dares to imagine a Greenville whose growth is fueled by creativity, ignited by the power of ideas, and fired by the goal of excellence for all of those who live, work, play, worship, and visit here. Vision 2025 is more than just a glimpse into the future of Greenville. It’s a commitment to improving our community to match the changing times around us.

“We wanted to forge a process that would allow us collectively to imagine what Greenville can be in 2025 if we all set our hearts, and minds, and wallets to it.”

– Dr. David Shi

primary focus areas icons 2013-01Vision 2025 calls for adopting an extensive land use plan to promote responsible growth, limiting urban sprawl, and protecting our remaining farmland, open spaces, and trees. The Greenville of tomorrow includes an expansive web of bikeways and walkways that connect residential and urban areas. A downtown trolley and light rail system linking Travelers Rest and the Golden Strip area to downtown Greenville are also part of the plan.

While Greenville will continue to be an entrepreneurial engine and a magnet for international investment, our region’s historic reliance on labor-intensive manufacturing industries will give way to more high-paying, knowledge-based businesses. These companies require a sophisticated, educated work force that will increase per capita income, improve our standard of living, and expand educational and cultural opportunities.

Read more about Vision 2025. Download Vision 2025.