Greenville's population is split between the young and old.

Greenville’s population is split between age groups. One-third of the population is under age 25, and 25% are age 55 or older. The highest increase in the population since 1990 is with 45 to 64 year olds, and the highest decrease is with 24 to 44 year olds.

Source: U.S. Census

The greatest growth in number of people is among middle aged and children.

The greatest growth in the number of people is with children under age nine, at 35 to 54 year olds.

Some growth is seen with those at 55 to 64 who are rapidly approaching retirement age.

Source: U.S. Census

The aging of the baby boomers is causing a baby boomlet.

Over 55,000 new lives are between ages 45 to 64, and almost 30,000 new lives are seen with children under age 10.

Source: U.S. Census

The greatest population change is with middle-aged and super senior populations.

Middle-aged Greenvillians have almost doubled in population size, and the growth of the super-senior population, those 85 or older, has grown 149%.

Source: U.S. Census

Greenville is similar in age to peer communities.

The median age for Greenvillians is 36.4, which is similar to other peer communities.

Most peer communities are similar in age, with the exception of Sarasota, Livingston, and Buncombe counties, which are much older.

Source: U.S. Census