44% of Greenvillians say they are in very good health.

While 44% say they are in “Excellent” of “Very Good” health, 20% of Greenvillians say that are in “Fair” or “Poor” health. Self reported health status has dropped over the course of 15 years Greenville Forward has conducted the Health Assessment Study.

The healthiest Greenvillians are those with higher incomes, are younger, and more educated. The least healthy have very low incomes, lower education, older, uninsured, and female.

Source: Greenville Forward Health Assessment Survey, 2012

Two thirds say they exercise three or more days a week.

In a typical week, 68% of Greenvillians say they exercise there or more times, and a third exercise five days or more.

The primary barriers to exercise are a lack of time and people just don’t like to exercise.

The distraction from TV, video games, and computers continues. Over half say their children spend more than two hours a day in front of a screen, and 15% spend more than four hours.

Source: Greenville Forward Health Assessment Study, 2012

Healthy Eating, Fruits and Vegetables, and Fast Food

The percentage of South Carolinians eating five servings of fruits and vegetables has increased, but the percentage of Greenvillians has stayed the same. Only 7% of respondents say their children eat fast food three or more times a weeks compared to 16% from the study five years previously.

Source: Greenville Forward Health Assessment Study, 2012