Two-thirds of Greenvillians are overweight or obese.

Over the years, Greenville’s overweight rate has grown dramatically, from 58% in 2005 to 66% currently.

Source: South Carolina Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2014

Obesity differs by demographic group.

Males, the less educated, and the uninsured are more likely to be overweight or obese.

Source: Greenville Forward Health Assessment Survey, 2012

Obesity can be expensive.

Obesity is expensive, for individuals, as well as for the communities in which they live.

Source: South Carolina Obesity Burden Report, 2011

Children are obese in Greenville as well.

41% of children in Greenville County are overweight or obese according to a study sponsored by LifeWell Greenville.

Source: SC Office of Research and Statistics, Youth Risk Factor Survey