Upstate Exports

Exports are a significant part of the Upstate economy, with over $12 billion in exports creating 64,000 jobs.

Source: Upstate Alliance

Value of Exports

According the the Upstate Alliance, the Upstate economy is highly connected to the global economy as evident by its Export Intensity. Measured by exports as a share of total output, the Upstate’s Export Intensity is approximately 23.4 percent, almost twice the national rate of 13.2 percent.

The total value of exports in the Upstate is $12.15 billion and has grown 65 percent since 2003. From 2009-2012, export growth significantly outpaced overall economic growth in the Upstate, as it did nationwide.     Exports supported 64,084 jobs in the region in 2010. Manufacturing directly accounted for 28,293 of those jobs.

When compared to peer metros, the Upstate’s* combined export value would fall between Charlotte, North Carolina at $12.54 billion and Austin, Texas at $11.47 billion.

Source: Upstate Alliance

Top Exports

Primary markets for exports from the Upstate include Canada, Mexico, China, and Japan.

The top exports are machinery, transportation, and chemicals.

Source: Upstate Alliance