Adult Risk Factors

Risk factors are those behaviors which put Greenvillians at a health risk. Over the years, the smoking rate has decreased dramatically, from one-quarter of the population to 15%. However, the CDC changes the way surveys are collected and the smoking rate jumped dramatically (statistically).  As covered in other health measures, the overweight rate has exploded at almost doubled since 1998. The rate of high cholesterol has also increased steadily.

Binge Drinking

The excessive drinking measure reflects the percent of the adult population that reports either binge drinking, defined as consuming more than 4 (women) or 5 (men) alcoholic beverages on a single occasion on the past 30 days. Charleston has the highest rate in the state at 22%, and Greenville is 14th at 14%.

Mental Health

The typical Greenvillian says they have an average of 3.2 days of poor mental heath per month, ranking the county as the 41 worst in the state. The worst mental health days is along the I-95 “Corridor of Shame.” Greenville’s youth also deal with difficult mental health issues.

Source: Health Data Warehouse, 2012