Greenville IndicatorsGreenville Indicators provides the basis of smart decision making for Greenville’s elected officials, nonprofit agencies, philanthropists, foundations, and corporate givers, as well as helps educate our residents and policy makers of Greenville’s greatest and most pressing needs and opportunities.

The project is a definitive source for objective, accurate, reliable, and comprehensive data about Greenville County, South Carolina. A goal is to provide decision makers with credible and useful data. Specific objectives of the system include:

  • Provide comprehensive measures of Greenville’s status on indicators that can be changed.
  • Create an interactive, user-friendly web presence so all Greenvillians can easily and understandably access the data collected and compiled.
  • Develop performance data and indices compared to peer and aspirant communities, as well as some regional measures. 
  • Develop action plans and offer strategies and other resources through Greenville Forward and its partners to increase community support and participation in community action and improvement.
  • Create and manage the system and collaborations for implementation of improvement. 

Greenville indicators are organized around seven sectors mirroring the organization of Greenville Forward’s Vision 2025–the bold and aggressive plan for Greenville’s future. Within each of the sectors are specific indicators. While we have collected hundreds of measures of our success, we believe that the health and vitality of a community can be measured by a select number of measures, and the indicators selected are the ones believed to have the greatest impact on Greenville’s quality of life.

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