Making Greenville Better

Greenville has recently become the envy of other communities throughout the world. Top ten lists? We have been on most of them.

TOP TEN FOR… places to retire, Main Street, places for young professionals, cool places, per capita engineers, international foreign per capita manufacturing investment, biking towns, small arts towns, best public park, etc. The list goes on and on.

How did this happen? How did Greenville move from being a forgotten Southern city statistic of the migration to the suburbs to the shining star we have become today?

The 30-year overnight transformation of Greenville County happened for relatively simple reasons. Visionary, often against the grain, leadership with a basic belief that nothing is impossible, and an understanding that community change happens if a community believes in itself. Greenville created a visionary plan to make it happen, and charged its leadership with the freedom and power to make it happen. Our leaders took us from “Milltown” to “Willtown.”

Greenville Forward is the primary facilitator, shepherd, and catalyst of Vision 2025, Greenville County’s bold and aggressive comprehensive plan for Greenville’s next generation. Greenville Forward’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for greater Greenville by engaging all citizens in continually updating, promoting, and facilitating a community vision for 2025 and beyond. This is accomplished by accomplishing the following strategic goals.

  • Understand Greenville’s Issues. Conduct research to understand the key issues facing Greenville and build systems to prioritize and evaluate progress in achieving those goals.
  • Build Partnerships and Create Dialogue. Communicate Vision 2025 goals, create dialogue to build networks, and help non-profit and community-driven organizations support the vision.
  • Track Progress. Develop vision success metrics and measure annual goal attainment in an understandable and meaningful format, and share community report cards of progress for Vision 2025 goals.
  • Inspire Leadership. Identify, develop, and inspire talent in Greenville to help them become more engaged and connected in Greenville’s future and build partnerships that result in alignment with broad community and regional initiatives.

“Someone needs to wake up every  morning thinking about where Greenville is going.”

– Ben Haskew, Greenville Chamber of Commerce